Every Child Deserves A Home

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is a process of permanently but legally bringing up a child not born of your flesh and blood but of someone else...

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Who Can Adopt?

A child is a blessing in a family! At KCH we believe that every child is better of in a family which serves his or her best interest.

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How To Adopt

The Kenyan adoption process consists of 5 clear and straight forward stages. Completion of one stage leads to the next level.

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Who Can Be Adopted?

Any child below the age of 18 years and within the republic of Kenya can be adopted on the following conditions



Kenya Children's Homes (KCH) Adoption Society is a licensed adoption agency that provides professional advice and support to those who wish to adopt locally and internationally.

We are mandated by the National Adoption Commitee, since 2005, to conduct both local and international adoptions. KCH seeks to foster a positive attitude towards adoption as a parenting option.

The love, affection and relationship of a family is deep and abiding, yet, many families are unable to experience the gift of childbirth for numerous reasons. Adoption would be right for you!

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